The Accountancy profession was established in Tanzania since 1972 but the number of women has remained low at 33% of the certified public accountants (CPA) as at 2014, Hence the TAWCA – Tanzania society of Women Certified Accountants was founded to promote the interests of women CPAs in Tanzania through networking, education, leadership and economic activities.

TAWCA provides a supportive environment and valuable resources for members to achieve their professional, personal and economic goals through networking and various programs. The association also promotes those aspiring to become certified accountants and young girls to enroll in the accountancy profession and encourages them to explore their personal and professional ambitions. TAWCA members are inspiring to show in many ways that professionals, leaders, rising leaders and influencers are making a difference for women in the accounting profession.

TAWCA recognizes the importance of strategic planning as it keeps an organization on track over time, and allows the organization to respond to change while remaining faithful to its mission and vision. This strategicplan sets out TAWCA’s vision, strategic direction, and corresponding work plan for the period of 5 years from 2015/16 to 2019/20.

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